Oh Life!
February 9, 2016

Definitely, food expense eats up a big portion of the budget.  Deprivation is not the solution, instead, strategic moves and smart thinking have to be applied.


Initial move is, to plan ahead.  Planning involves systematic sorting of inventory of available goods.  Also, listing down of needed items to purchase, items which can skip buying and using up items before expiration to prevent spoilage.  Look for items on sale before setting the meal menu, in this manner, good deals mean higher discount.  Limiting to once a week shopping is an advantage since it reduces the tendency of impulsive purchasing.  Substitution is an excellent option for saving as well, review previous purchases and take note on expensive items, and try finding out the best alternative at lesser cost.

Another way to get the best is you need to do some researching, canvassing and comparing prices.  Though, more physical and mental activities need to be considered, certainly, everything pays off well.  Wise buyer’s goal is to be able to avail the necessary and most frequent bought items at its lowest price without sacrificing its quality.

Be smarter in the store. It is all about learning the store’s layout. This is a big factor, so you only need to go directly to the aisle of needed items, that way, eye-feasting is lessened.  For rewards incentive purposes, registering for loyalty program is beneficial. Yet, the most effective is to shop alone, for the larger shopping goes, the tendency of more impulsive purchases will be experienced.

Finally, save on the specific. This refers to the fresh items.  In purchasing meat, it is advisable to buy in bulk.  Follow the cycle, do not buy out-of-season items for they cost more.  Growing your own herbs will eventually generate more savings. Plus, you get to use fresh herbs in your cooking all the time.

Stay economical!

February 9, 2016

One of the most popular and glamorous activities to do in the UK is to go to the races. Whether it’s heading to the Grand National or even the Cheltenham Festival, a day out at the races provides the perfect blend of sporting excitement, betting fun and fashion extravagance.

So whether you’re a racing aficionado or a newbie, here’s a look at a few things to consider before your trip to the races.

The big day out

The UK has many massive racing events, but the Grand National is undoubtedly the biggest. In 2016 the race takes place on 9 April at the historic Aintree racecourse in Liverpool, and it is the most famous race in Europe featuring around 40 horses competing for a prize fund that often exceeds £1 million.

However, if you’re looking to spend longer at the track, then the Cheltenham Festival could provide the solution, as from 15 to 18 March the festival showcases many top races including the prestigious Gold Cup on the final day. And if you’re an odds checker, then Betway’s website provides betting information on all of the runners well in advance, so that you can do a little bit of research before the main event.

What to wear

It’s not just the betting form that should be researched in advance, as racing events have increasingly demanded that we all pay close attention to our attire at the races. Although events like the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National are relatively relaxed, it’s always a good idea to visit the event’s website beforehand to find out if any dress code restrictions are in place.

But for a safe bet, the Metro recently published some racing style advice that proves that the chic look don’t necessarily have to break the bank. And with many of these top racing events being held in the spring months, it’s often a good idea to layer-up to combat the chilly weather.

Races accommodation

With thousands of people attending the races, many of the hotels can book up well in advance. Thankfully, the Guardian recently revealed their top hotel choices for the Liverpool area that should help anyone visiting the Grand National find a bed for the night.

And similarly, as the Cheltenham Festival takes place on the edge of the Cotswolds, a trip to the races could afford a relaxing break in a Cotswolds cottage to help you relax and count your race-day winnings!

February 4, 2016

Tween is the best awareness stage, for children absorb the ideas, knowledge and opinions being imparted to them. Responsible parenting involves thorough discussion and information detailing with the children on facts and reality of life which includes money matter.  It is best to instill in the child’s mind that money cannot be picked up anywhere and anytime, instead, it is a reward for any good deed done, or sacrificed on, or something worked hard for.


As a tween gets a school allowance from parents, a good way to save is not to claim the full amount, rather, bring enough cash to school and save the rest in a bank account or piggy bank.  Another move is to give children extra chores at home and get paid for the effort.  Also, encourage tweens to sell personal unwanted items to convert clutter to additional savings.  The reward for this diligent act and discipline will be eventually felt.  As for parents who can afford, it is better to reciprocate the children’s act by matching whatever savings a child made as an incentive.

Goal setting is an effective tool for tweens to eagerly save up.  The tendency is for the children to learn budgeting in order to achieve the goal being set.  This deed will definitely make parents proud.

Best piece of advice is to save more, spend less and be prudent.  

February 4, 2016

Maintaining a crew that looks uniform and professional is important to instilling confidence in your customers. You want them to trust your employees and to also be confident that their every need and want will be met. When your crew dresses haphazardly, slovenly, and in styles that differ from each other, your customers may assume that your company is disjointed and does not care about its public. You can keep a professional, polished, and a unified crew by investing in apparel like stylish pilot shirts and other corporate apparel for your employees.

Apparel Styles Online

When you shop online, you get access to style that may not be available in your local stores. Many of your local retailers may not sell corporate-style clothing or be able to order the number of shirts you need in bulk.

Online shopping, however, gives you access to styles that are suitable to wear in any corporate environment. For example, when you want a clean, professional look for the crew that mans your airplanes, you may choose a basic white shirt trimmed in black accents. This style is simple, yet straightforward and professional in a way that signals their authority and competence to your public.

The styles are also appropriate for both men and women to wear. This gender neutrality allows your entire crew to resemble each other and presents a uniform front to your public. You can find shirt styles in all of the most popular sizes when you shop online.

Apparel Brands

Another reason to shop online involves getting access to all of the most popular apparel brands in one place. As a business owner, you may have a certain brand preference for your company’s apparel. You may buy exclusively from that brand without considering others.

Rather than shop around at local retailers for clothing made by this company, you can find a wide range of shirts, pants, and other apparel items made by this brand online. You can order the quantity that you need for your employees.

You can also find other brands with which you may not be familiar. The website lets you search by your favorite brand or click on the links for the different types of clothing that is for sale right now.

Your crew’s appearance matters to your customers. You can present a unified front to the public and also instill confidence by ordering corporate apparel online.

February 2, 2016

When an adorable puppy is called something like a ‘teddy bear dog’, you know you are looking at a very cuddly, very lovable potential pet. If you have decided to bring a puppy into your family, then choosing the right breed is essential, as it can make a lot of difference to how well the dog’s temperament fits with your lifestyle. If the shichon – also known as a teddy bear dog, rag doll dog or zuchon – is a type of dog that has caught your eye, here is everything you need to know to assess whether it would be a good match for your family!

What is a Shichon?

A shichon is what is known as a ‘designer’ or ‘hybrid’ breed of dog. This means that rather than being a purebred pedigree dog, it is the result of crossing two purebred animals to create a sub breed that has the best qualities of both! In the case of the shichon, the breeds crossed are the bichon frise and the shih tzu, hence the portmanteau names ‘shichon’ and ‘zuchon‘. Its other names, like ‘teddy bear dog’, are simply inspired by its appearance and manner!

Not all shichons are born by directly breeding a shih tzu and bichon frise – some breeders also breed these dogs multi-generationally, so a shichon’s parents could have been two shichons, or a shichon and either a bison frise or a shih tzu. Whatever its parentage, it tends to grow up to be white, though it can have some of the shih tzu coloring as a puppy, and is a small dog with a double layered coat.

What is a Shichon Like to Live With?

If you love how the shichon looks, and the size is suitable for your home, then the next thing to consider is its temperament. Shichons are typically very friendly and playful, and are intelligent, and they have been used successfully as therapy dogs. They tend to mix well with children and other pets, as long as they are introduced at a young age and are socialized properly as part of their training. In general, this makes them very good pets for families, however one thing to bear in mind is that this breed of dog becomes very attached to its family, and hates to be left alone for any length of time – it may not be the best choice if there are periods during the day when nobody will be at home with the dog, as it is prone to separation anxiety.

Getting a Shichon

As with any pedigree or hybrid dog, it is important to get your shichon from a reputable breeder. You can find good breeders online, for example littlepuppiesonline.com currently have teddy bear shichon puppies for sale on their website. As with any puppy, you’ll need to make an effort to prepare your home for its arrival, and have a strategy in place for training it when it comes!

A shichon makes for a lovely family pet, as a cuddly, affectionate dog that will be happy to be a playmate for your kids, and a relaxing companion for you!

January 30, 2016

Ever wonder how the musicians shield their guitar’s beautiful finish? They use a liquid carnauba wax to polish the wood. I never knew about this until my son asked me a favor to buy him this wax because he had no time to go to the music store. As I was already on my way out, he asked if I could pass by the store.

January 29, 2016

When you are in charge of an outdoor crew, you cannot afford to take anyone’s safety for granted. It is up to you to make sure every worker fits into his or her gear and can use machinery like rigging equipment and other fixtures out in the field safely and efficiently. If the equipment and gear that you have on hand needs to be replaced or the dealers in your local area do not sell the right sized equipment that you need, you can still keep your crew safe and productive by specifying what you need in an easy-to-use online form.

Going into Detail

When it comes to keeping everyone in your crew safe, every detail of what you need counts tremendously. The online form is designed to allow you to include essential facts like your name, address, and contact information. It also features an empty field where you can specify what it is you are looking for and exactly what you need your equipment to look and fit like before you allow your workers to wear or use it.

Once the form is submitted, the company can then consider your requests and get in contact with you to discuss your options. It is important that you include a phone number and email address where the company can reach you at all times. When you need the equipment promptly, you must remain reachable so that the representatives from the business can contact you at any time.

Shopping on the Website

While you wait for your custom ordered gear to be made and sent to you, you can also shop for other items on the company’s website. The company offers a full range of gear that is commonly used in this industry today. For example, when you need to replace the harnesses used by your workers, you can find newer models online.

You can also find a lot of accessories that some crew leaders overlook. For example, it never hurts to have plenty of cable and rope on hand for forestry or outdoor work. You can find sturdy cables, ropes, clinches, hooks, and much more by shopping on the website.

Your crew looks to you to keep them safe. Your job calls for you to be proactive and custom order gear that will work and fit securely every time.