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April 21, 2015

Many people dream of performing music in front of large audiences. The roar created by thousands of people is intoxicating for many performers. However, it is common for many of these same performers to have difficulty getting up the nerve to go on stage. This is a condition known as stage fright. It goes without saying that if a person has any aspirations of becoming a performer, he or she will need to overcome stage fright. This is much easier said than done, especially for a person who is shy to begin with. Here is how to overcome stage fright.

Play live as much as you can

When you were first learning to ride a bike, you probably fell off the bike a lot. However, you did not give up. You kept getting on the bike again and again. Eventually, you got the hang of it and now you can ride a bike with ease. The same principle of not giving up can be applied to getting rid of stage fright. The more you perform in front of people, the more comfortable you will be in that environment. You should start by playing in front of small groups and gradually work your way up into bigger audiences. This is exactly what Boyd Tinsley did when he started performing. Tinsley was very uneasy in front of audiences in the early days of his career. However, he just kept putting himself out there, forcing himself to perform. Eventually, his stage fright began to dissipate.


One of the reasons people has stage fright is they are afraid of being laughed at. This is the problem that is at the root of all performance anxiety. One of the best ways to prevent people from laughing at you is to be well prepared before you go on stage. This means rehearsing all of your songs until they become second nature to you. If you are a singer, you want to be certain to memorize all of the lyrics you are going to sing. You should not need to try to remember them. They should simply flow out of your mouth. If you play an instrument, make sure you have your timing down with the other members of your band. The more rehearsal time you put in, the less of a chance you will make a mistake on stage. Audiences want to see a band that looks like they have been performing for a long time.

April 3, 2015


To most of us, having a mobile phone is more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Well, I have to agree with that because there is so much you can do nowadays with your mobile phones. What most of us don’t realize, however, is we like to go over the top with expensive smart phones and the packages that go with them. If you hand over Php2500 a month to your mobile phone company with a two-year contract, that’s a whopping Php120,000. You can buy two units of the latest releases plus you’ll still have extra cash. In the end, you’re better off buying just the smart phone and get a prepaid number where you are at the liberty of using just what you need.

April 3, 2015

Baking and surfing online comparing prices of ej20 guitar strings for my nephew is not such a great idea. I almost burned the macaroons I was baking because I got too caught up not just with the strings, but with the guitars as well. The website is having a great sale and I’m thinking of getting one for my son.

coconut macaroons

Nope, the ones in the picture are the perfectly cooked coconut macaroons. I purposely avoided taking pics of the very brown ones.

April 3, 2015

shrimp stirfry

Joining Maria’s Orange you glad it’s Friday.

April 2, 2015

If you want to zero in on the entertainment/sports/politics/music/celebrities/culture/opinion and other behind-the-scenes news that pertains specifically to African Americans, you can do so on our EUR/Electronic Urban Report information website, which proudly boasts a loyal daily readership all over the world. It’s a good thing that African American entertainment news are easily available nowadays.  I can just imagine how hard it was for them back then when all they hear and watch are purely for White Americans.

Some brief recent examples of the type of information that you will find:

Marvin Gaye

When the “Blurred Lines” verdict came down in favor of the family of Marvin Gaye having to be paid $7.4 million by Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke for infringing on the copyright of Gaye‘s song “Got to Give It Up”, that song increased by 246 percent, sold 10,000 downloads, and re-entered the R&B Digital Songs at Billboard at number 18.

‘Empire’ television show

According to Nielsen, the March 18, 2015 on Fox had 21.1 million viewers. That made it the freshman finale that was the highest rated since the “Grey’s Anatomy” first season finale on May 22, 2005. It also took Fox to the best night any of the networks have had with regularly scheduled programs since the “American Idol” premiere on January 18, 2012.

NeNe Leakes

Buying a $2.1 million home in Georgia is NeNe’s way of showing that she is very rich, according to TMZ. With 9,511 square feet, 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, the villa is also prominently located in the swank Sugarloaf Country Club. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is an actress, makes frequent appearances, and has a clothing line.

April 2, 2015

Scattered in among the activity that comes in the spring and summer are various gift giving occasions. Those occasions include graduations, weddings and Father’s Day. In addition to those special events, you may also find yourself searching for a birthday or anniversary gift. If it’s a man’s gift you’re searching for, a site such as Classic Shaving is a great place to find unique and impressive gifts for a man on your gift list.

Wedding and anniversary

A lot of attention is given to the bride whenever a wedding announcement is made. Giving a gift to both the bride and groom is a thoughtful gesture. An engraved flask, a deluxe shaving kit, a pewter shaving mug and shaving soap in an attractive wooden bowl are just a few unique gift ideas that would be appropriate for a groom or as an anniversary gift.

Graduation gift

A travel bag, soap case or shaving system are great gift ideas for a young man embarking on a new part of their life’s journey. Any of these items would be nice for someone heading off to college or moving into a place of their own.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day gives you a good opportunity to pamper your father, your grandfather or someone who has been a father figure to you. Fathers often resist purchasing specialty or luxury items for themselves. To celebrate his special day, you might want to give him an exquisite shaving stand and accessories or an elegantly boxed shaving system. A pocket watch, flask, mustache or beard related accessories or various other high quality shaving items and accessories would be a wonderful gift idea.


Finding a unique birthday gift gets to be a challenge when you are buying for someone you annually give a present to. Practical gifts never go out of style. For a man, a gift related to shaving or personal grooming is quite practical. You can make the gift go beyond ordinary by purchasing something such as a razor that exceeds the quality of razor he would ordinarily purchase for himself. Giving him a deluxe shaving collection would be a nice way to pamper a special someone.

When you’re completely uncertain about what to give on any of the occasions mentioned above, there’s always the gift card to rely on. A man can use that to purchase everything from razor blades to cologne.

April 1, 2015

Jacketed reactor is the high-quality type of chemical reactors and the most specific design of this reactor is the jacket set on the inner wall of the reaction vessel. In nowadays, reactors are the indispensable equipment which can be used to realize the chemical reaction process.

This kind of reactor has a wide use in many different industrial fields such as chemical engineering, oil refining and light industry. Users can use this kind of reactor to realize both the liquid single phase reaction process and multiple phase reaction process. The jacket is set on the wall of reaction vessel which can be added with circulatory mediums. The circulatory medium will heat the reaction material by the circulation movement. The double layer reactor has one more layer than single layer reactor and it can be added with two kinds of circulatory medium at the same time. The circulation of two circulatory mediums can obviously speed up the heating process thus to improve the reaction efficiency. And there is a stirring apparatus set in the reaction kettle and it can provide stable stirring process during the reaction.

Actually generalized glass reactors is not the product of modern chemical engineering, but can be traced to the ancient time. In ancient China, the furnace of pottery can be regarded as the most original reactor and it has a long using time in China. The reactor with the narrow definition means the chemical equipment in modern chemical engineering and laboratory. And there are lots of different types of the reactor and users should make an overall consideration of technology, economy and security aspects before selecting the reactors.

In addition to the type of the reactors, users should also make a consideration of the operating mode and charging method. Reactors plays quite an important role in the chemical industry and manufacturers are continually making efforts to improve the design, structure and functions of the reactors.