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August 7, 2015

As millions of individuals across the planet know: “The truth is out there.” Nearly every day, individuals around the world bear witness to unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. Some UFOs are seen flying; others are seen landing or taking off. Some people have seen alien creatures. A number of humans, and not a small number, reluctantly claim to have been abducted by aliens, taken up to their spacecraft, and experimented on.

A Hobby, or Even a Vocation

The phenomenon of alien spacecraft sightings is not a new one; it’s been going on for centuries. In 1861, a UFO sighting was described as a “flying cross” across the sky. In fact, many ufologists, scientists, religious figures and archeologists believe that an alien presence was established on earth thousands of years ago. With today’s advances in computer technology, telescopic optics and space technology, regular citizens as well as scientists are able to track and record UFO sightings. It has become a hobby for some, a vocation for others.

Acceptance by Millions, Worldwide

Entire television series on multiple channels have been created for the examination and study of UFOs and their alien occupants. Government studies have shown that the interest is not merely a passing phase or fad solely entertained by the average citizen. There are some serious discussions going on behind closed doors in all parts of the globe. Even Pope Francis has suggested that the possibility of alien worlds exists. The amassing of strong evidence over the years has finally given credence to the existence of aliens to millions, and the acceptance of that by some very important people indeed.

We Are Not Alone

There is a number of websites devoted to the lore and tracking of UFO sightings. Tracking UFO sightings has become an industry in itself. MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, for example, has a huge presence on the Internet. Tracking of the latest UFO reported sightings is a prominent feature of many UFO-related websites. Many sightings that occurred decades ago are only being reported now; witnesses are often reluctant to report them when they actually happen for fear of being scoffed at or humiliated.

Whereas the latest UFO sightings may seem a whimsical hoax to some, the reality of witnesses’ experiences has serious repercussions for witnesses and possibly the entire planet. Millions worldwide is convinced that we are not alone.

August 7, 2015

If you’re looking for something fun to use at a special event, like a birthday party or wedding reception, then consider getting a portable photo booth.

One of the reasons why you would want a portable booth is that it’s lightweight. It can easily be transported from one location to another if you need it for multiple events. Most booths come apart, making them easy to transport in a car or a van instead of requiring a larger vehicle to get the path to a destination. It usually takes only a short amount of time to set up and take down the booth. Photo booths can be placed in almost any location since they don’t take up a lot of room.

One of the events where you might have a photo booth is a birthday party. Guests can take a picture with the person of honor and with other people who attend the party. You can decorate the inside of the booth with balloons, streamers and other party supplies to make it look like a birthday party in the background. Decorations that match the theme of the party can also be used. Another event where you can use a photo booth is a senior prom. Those in attendance can take pictures with their dates, as well as group photos with friends so that they remember the special occasion. Pictures are either printed that same night from the booth or made in a short time after the event.

A wedding reception is another event where you might want to use a photo booth. It’s a fun way to capture all of the moments of the couple and the wedding party. The couple can create a memory book with copies of the pictures that were made so that they can look back on the event on anniversaries and when they want to reminisce about the special day. Since a portable booth is rather easy to set up, you can often add curtains to the sides of the booth to make the background larger so that more people can be in the picture at one time.

June 22, 2015

Are you looking for unique wedding favors? Every woman dreams of a perfect wedding and we want to make it as different from everyone as possible. The days when newly wedded couples would give bells with their names on it to their guests have long been gone. Couples can think about many different things to give to commemorate their wedding.

Nowadays, you can find an array of unique wedding souvenirs to choose from. There are Love Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers, Picture Frame Wedding Favors | FavorWarehouse, Antique Style Key Bottle Opener, Mini Treasure Chest and many more.

I love that these wedding favors can be used and I’m sure other people like that, too. You can use the picture frames to display your photo, use the treasure chest to keep your jewelries and you can bring along that bottle opener everywhere you go. For sure, your guests will be delighted with this simple but elegant wedding souvenir ideas.

June 17, 2015


June 12, 2015

Winter weary and ready for summer, boat enthusiasts don’t want to sit and watch others enjoying water sports. They want to be in on the action, whether it’s water skiing, fishing, sailing, or just enjoying time on the water. Boats outfitted with outboard motors will get you to and keep you in the action.

A Motor for Every Purpose

Outboard motors are available in a variety of sizes and horsepower capabilities. For those who love to fish, electric trolling motors make an excellent companion to higher powered motors that run on gas. They’re also great for smaller lakes that don’t allow gas motors. From the 20hp marine engine to the 2.5HP portable for small craft, you are sure to find just the right outboard for your needs.

Featured Options

Patriotism is running loud and proud these days, so finding an outboard motor built in the USA is the first option many people look to find. Practical options, such as built in fuel tanks, shaft length, and single or twin cylinders are found in Mercury outboards manufactured in Wisconsin. Other options desirable depending on the size and purpose of your craft include carburetor and propeller size, torque, and one hand gear shifting. Small engines come equipped with manual ignitions, but larger models are equipped with electric start ignitions.

Dealer Service for You

Dozens of outboard motor dealers want your business so choose one that offers the best amenities for you. Some services to search for when buying are free shipping, a price match guarantee, and financial incentives like no sales tax. But amenities shouldn’t stop once a purchase is made. Service after the sale is as important as the treatment you receive to gain your business. Customer service representatives who are knowledgeable about their outboard motors and strive to maintain a quality relationship with their customers will keep you satisfied with your outboard motor and ensure you get optimum performance from it for many years.

Boating season doesn’t last long enough in many areas of the country, but your delight in your water activity shouldn’t be limited. Begin your family fun on the water this season with an outboard motor designed and built for safety and reliability.

June 4, 2015

Leafy greens and vegetables pack a powerful punch when it comes to essential nutrients that help you stay healthy. Low in calories and high in nutritional value, these foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals that your body needs to promote healthy organs.

Leafy greens and vegetables are loaded with vitamins B, C and K, fiber, folate, riboflavin, niacin and iron. Adding foods like watercress, kale, arugula, chard and Chinese cabbage to your salads, and green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and collard greens to your daily diet can make you healthier. Take a look at some of the great health benefits:

Heart Health

Health studies show that adding leafy greens and vegetables to your diet can reduce your risk of a stroke and heart attack by as much as 30 percent. Leafy greens contain large amounts of lutein, a powerful chemical that boosts antioxidant defenses to keep your arteries clean and flexible and fight inflammation.

Eye Health

Two powerful chemicals, lutein and zeaxanthin, found in kale, spinach and collard greens help to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. By adding these foods to your diet, you can actually reduce your risk for age-related eye diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts.

Brain Health

Folate is an important B vitamin that promotes brain health by reducing stress, stabilizing mood and increasing mental clarity and focus. Studies show that adequate daily doses of folate have a big impact on keeping your brain tuned-up. Folate can also help pregnant women to deliver healthier babies by preventing brain defects in newborns.

Diabetes Prevention

By eating just 1-1/2 servings of leafy greens or green vegetables every day, you can reduce your risk for Type 2 diabetes by as much as 14 percent. Healthy greens contain a large amount of magnesium and alpha linolenic acid, the healthy fat, that absorbs sugar in your blood stream and stabilizes sugar levels in your body.

Eating healthy greens is a simple way to improve your health. Along with a well-balanced diet that includes sufficient vitamins and minerals, and a good daily exercise regimen, you can feel better and live longer. For more information on healthy supplements visit us at Pure Natural Science to buy now.

June 3, 2015

If you are an owner of waterfront property, you probably enjoy the amazing scenery and convenient access to a place to stay cool or have fun. While these properties are usually already nice, there are many things that can be done to make it more exciting and visually appealing. Here are the top three ways to improve your waterfront property.

Construct a Dock
If you do not already have one, a dock is the perfect addition to your property. Docks increase access to water and allow you to enjoy a variety of activities that you previously could not have done. With a dock, you can enjoy fishing while relaxing on the dock and feeling the breeze that blows over the water. Long docks can also allow you to reach channels with a strong cast, so serious anglers should strongly consider building one. Docks can also make boating and water sports more enjoyable. Boats and other watercraft can be moored to docks instead of storing them on land whenever they are not in use. This will make frequent use simpler and less tedious. Creating a jet ski drive on dock provides similar benefits for owners of the more sporty watercraft.

Construct a Boathouse
Owners of many kayaks, canoes, and other vessels may benefit from constructing a boathouse. These buildings are essentially garages for watercraft. Boathouses ensure that boats remain safe during storms and other events that can damage them when moored to a dock or on exposed land. Boathouses can also be created so that boats can be driven or paddled directly into the building. This makes protecting your boats a very simple process.

Protect Your Property from Erosion
Because your property is located on the edge of a body of water, erosion can occur quickly during storms. This can tear away at the land on edge of rivers and damage your property. This can be prevented if you plant shrubs and grass along the edges of waterfronts. This will keep your soil from being washed into the waterway. For preventing erosion from the waterway itself, you can place rocks along the banks of your river. Trees can also be added as a buffer.