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August 14, 2017
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You won’t have to worry as much about your children’s safety this summer if you take the right precautions to safeguard their well-being. Keeping your kids out of harm’s way will make it possible for them to enjoy many future summers. Here are three great ways to protect your kids this summer.

Provide Adequate Hydration

Sweating caused by high temperatures often results in significant fluid loss from the body. You should make sure that your kids are drinking plenty of liquids when the weather gets hot to prevent certain health problems that are potentially fatal. Heat exhaustion, heat stroke and rapid heartrate are just a few of the dangers that your children may encounter if they don’t get enough fluids. Severe dehydration can also occur without any initial symptoms and quickly become problematic. Some of the best drinks to give to your kids to replenish fluid loss include water, fruit juices and sports drinks. Sodas, iced coffees and other caffeinated beverages can actually hasten dehydration because of their diuretic properties and are best to avoid.

Make Swimming Safe

Many kids love to play in the water during the summer, and there are ways that you can make swimming safer for your children. Enrolling your children in swimming lessons is an excellent way for them to learn water safety. You should also make sure that your kids are taking enough bathroom breaks so that they don’t end up defecating in the pool and contaminating the water. If you have your own pool, you can control germ growth by using chlorine along with other chemicals and cleaners that are nonhazardous for people. If you choose to swim in lakes, rivers or ocean waters, keep your kids from wandering too far from the shore and possibly getting caught in currents or riptides.

Prevent Sunburns

Sunburns can wreak havoc on you little ones’ skin and end up causing skin cancer in the future. Try using sunscreen with an adequate SPF level on your kids to prevent sunburns. You can even find sunscreen safe for coral reefs that’s perfect to wear while swimming. Wearing lightweight clothing that’s specifically designed for sun protection can also be beneficial. It’s important to note that skin can still be damaged from the sun even while in shaded areas, so you should be vigilant about sun protection whenever you’re outdoors.

Summer can be safe and fun for everyone. Your kids will likely appreciate you even more when you look out for their safety and prevent certain dangers that could ruin their summer fun.

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